About KingK9's Dog Daycare

Caring For Dogs With Busy Owners Since 2018

Family Owned And Operated Professional Dog Care Service

KingK9 Group is a specialist provider of dog related services.  Training, boarding, daycare and rehabilitation solutions are offered both in-home and at our facility – King K9 Lodge.

The Lodge is located 7 Croome Lane Albion Park Rail and caters for different services at the same facility without restricting the dogs freedom.

We absolutely love dogs and all our staff are passionate dog owners with a huge variety of breeds that are both loving pet companions, competitive sport dogs and in some cases; working dogs. 

Daycare, Board and Trains, pack walks and even one on one training all give your dog fantastic exposure to different dogs, people and environments to help us achieve the goals you have for your family member.

All dogs benefit from long, fun walks, games and socialising with other dogs. Sending your dog to come and play with us for the day, attend a puppy school or experience a detailed training schedule will give your doggo the very best experience with trained and passionate staff.

We offer regular daily, weekly and ad-hoc services to help maintain and/or improve your dog’s social habits, keep them mentally enriched, trained, responsive and overall a calmer better version of themselves.

We have multiple vehicles and staff who can respond to late notice bookings and we can assist you with any reactive situations that need immediate support/attention. 

Please note all new dogs must undergo a trial assessment.

We Promise to Love and Care for your Dog as If They Were Our Own

One can’t make too many promises in this world; however we can easily promise that we will always treat every dog as if they were our own family member. Bringing a dog into your life is a massive commitment; the significance and importance of which can sometimes be underestimated or glossed over in the excitement of it all.  

We believe every dog should be looked after the same as any family member (except for that drunk Uncle you try to ignore at the annual family gathering!) Every dog is unique with their own characteristics, quirks and habits. We want to embrace that!  

Offering dogs better care, training and wellbeing is the core of KingK9s ethos and it is our hope that this inspires our clients to seek deeper bonds and understanding with their dogs and further enhance their relationships with them.

Our Team


Owner & Head Trainer

Connor is the Founder of the King K9 Group and the leader of our pack. Connor has built his career and subsequently the King K9 brand on his reputation for the commitment and pride he takes in doing what’s best for the dogs he works with and helping people live a better life with their companions.

Connors passion started when he got his dog Dexter (also known as Sexy Dexy) at the age of 17. His training journey that began with Dexter very quickly ignited a passion within Connor that saw him seeking more opportunities to further his own knowledge and experience and then onto helping other dogs and dog owners grow and further enhance their own relationships and experiences. 

After years of honing his skills and intuition with dogs and under the mentorship of some highly regarded accredited dog training professionals, Connor decided to take the leap and make training / coaching his full-time career. Connor has now helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and improve their knowledge and understanding of their pets and working dogs and continues to deliver exceptional outcomes for his clients.


Senior Trainer

Sharnee acted on her love for dogs and decided to get some experience in dog training and this evolved quickly into a career where she has become an integral member of the KingK9 team.

Capitalising on a traineeship opportunity, Sharnee showed exceptional patience and a real thirst for knowledge and shadowing Connor has seen her progress into a Senior Trainer. 

You will find Sharnee working with a lot of our reactive dogs to help them on their training journey. Sharnee loves spending quality time with dogs that need extra support and care and always feels the rewards outweigh the challenges.  

She is especially fond of German Shepherds and Rottweilers and helping change the behaviour of bigger dogs that some might shy away from.


Daycare operator

Ella works in the Daycare side of the business. She loves it down at the lodge and her love is clearly reciprocated by the all the doggos!

Ella has lots of experience with dogs and continues and continually works with the trainers and in other areas of King K9 to be a super well rounded team player. 

When not working in the day-care looking after all of our clients dogs,  she is off looking after her own dogs at home.

Ella brings an energy and passion to King K9 and makes the daycare a super fun and happy place for all of our furry friends.



Alex is a trainer at KingK9 who also helps out in the day-care area of the business.  Passionate and enthusiastic, she works with dogs at all levels to ensure they are confident, well behaved and not reactive. 

Alex loves sneaking off for extra puppy cuddles but also enjoys working with our dogs in need of specialist training and the beach side constructive pack walks.



Brodie one of King K9’s trainers. Her bubbly personality brings a lot of joy to the team.

Outside of KingK9, Brodie works as a Vet Nurse. Her experience with animals is a great addition to the team.

At home, Brodie looks after her two dogs Kora and Rueben. We love her and the dogs do too!


Administrator / Receptionist

Tara is our Administrator and Receptionist and keeps the King K9 Group engine running.  She supports the team with check ins and drop offs, is the point of contact for all the emails, calls and texts we get both directly and via our social media platforms and assists Connor with operational tasks.

Her favourite pups are miniature daschunds and she will take every opportunity to dog-nap one to have sit on her lap while she works.

Her creative soul brings a lot of colour to the King K9 Team.

Express your interest!


Are you an experienced Trainer who is keen to join a small and friendly team?  Send your expression of interest to [email protected] 

Express your interest!

Daycare Operator

Are you an experienced Daycare Operator or have what it takes to learn the ropes? Part time and Full time opportunities exist for motivated dog enthusiasts who want to get stuck in and wear a few hats as an all rounder.  Plus have fun with all our amazing dogs! Send your expression of interest to [email protected] 

Rules & Requirements

Temperament Evaluation

The temperament assessment looks for signs of aggression or reactivity issues affecting a dog's ability to interact with other dogs and people safely. Every dog entrusted to King K9 Group undergoes an assessment to ensure the safety of all involved.

Vaccinations Schedule

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations will be required from either vaccinations records or a recent health test.

Spayed/Neutered Your Pet

We make no judgment about keeping dogs intact but require them to be spayed or neutered after six months to attend daycare services.


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

Yes, all new dogs must have a temperament assessment before utilising our services.

For the safety of all dogs in our facility we require all dogs to be fully vaccinated.

Generally all dogs must be neutered/ spayed however some exceptions can be made. Please contact us for further information. 

Yes, all dogs are welcome. We monitor all dog behaviour to ensure the safety of all.

Yes, we can administer medication to your dog. Please advise your full requirements when checking-in.

We have indoor and outdoor play areas along with activities with our dog trainers.

Yes! Dogs are grouped by size, temperament and play style so everyone is comfortable. 

Yes! Our dog trainers and staff will always be supervising guests at our facility. 

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us